About Us

Mission Statement:

Community Overdrive is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals by providing them reliable, affordable vehicles.

How The Program Works

The Community Overdrive dealership provides individuals the ability to fund up to 25% of your vehicle purchase through the Community Overdrive program by attending Volunteer Days. Attending each of our weekly Volunteer Days earns you $50 in vehicle purchase credit.These vouchers can be applied toward the down payment or pick up payments on a purchased vehicle.

These weekly volunteer events rotate through approximately 20 well known local nonprofit organizations. They include well known national organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Ronald McDonald House as well as more locally driven organizations like the St. Francis House and Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. Each event is 5 hours or less and usually held on Saturday mornings where. Car pooling from the dealership to these events is encouraged.

Even though we hope that everyone participates in the Community Overdrive program, it is your decision as to whether or not you choose to participate. Community Overdrive sells vehicles for cash and through several financing programs just like any other dealership. The main difference between Community Overdrive and other dealerships is the optional volunteer program.

Values Statement:

Community Overdrive is a program where people of all types can come together to perform volunteer service.

Our core values are:

Encourage public service and volunteerism. We are committed to providing platforms for individuals to give back to their community.

Lower the barriers to entry public service opportunities. We host an array of convenient, manageable public service events.

Connecting UF and the Gainesville community. We reach out to the University of Florida and its 50,000+ student population to encourage Gators to take an active role in serving their neighboring communities.

Meaningful yet manageable. Sometimes it is difficult to work volunteering into your schedule. Our Volunteer Days program is designed to offer volunteering opportunities that are quick, easy and fun.

Program Overview

The primary mission of Community Overdrive is to provide individuals a philanthropic way to offset the often times prohibitive cost of automobiles. The organization also donates cars to qualified recipients who are referred by its partner agencies.